Spectaculator 5.0 for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® released!

Version 5.0 is now available from the App Store.

This is probably the biggest update yet. An additional 26 games have been added, courtesy of Sheffield’s finest – Gremlin Graphics.

Eight additional games have been added to Spectaculator itself (free to existing users):

  • Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  • Avenger
  • Bounder
  • Jack The Nipper
  • Krackout
  • Metabolis
  • Monty On The Run
  • The Way Of The Tiger

A further three game packs (six games each) have been added to the in-app shop:

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 1:

  • Wanted! Monty Mole
  • Skate Crazy
  • Thing Bounces Back
  • Dark Fusion
  • Future Knight
  • Moley Christmas

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 2:

  • Jack The Nipper II: In Coconut Capers
  • North Star
  • Grumpy Gumphrey, Supersleuth
  • Alien Evolution
  • The Final Matrix
  • Impossamole

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 3:

  • Switchblade
  • Trailblazer
  • Super Scramble Simulator
  • Percy The Potty Pigeon
  • Monty Is Innocent
  • Super Cars

Other changes:

  • Added support for ZX Spectrum +3 disk-based games (Super Scramble Simulator, Super Cars & Impossamole).
  • Now supports iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation screen.
  • Added ‘Mimic TV Screen’ option to simulate a 1980s TV screen.*
  • Added ‘Black & White TV’ option.*
  • The ZX Spectrum screen is now much sharper on Retina-equipped devices.
  • Added leaderboards for Monty On The Run, Krakout & Bounder.
  • All games now have higher resolution cassette box artwork.
  • Fixed a few typos in the help.


A gallery of screenshots of the new version is available here.

Available on the App Store

[*] The irony of this is not lost on the developer who himself aspired to a better picture in 1984 than the one on his crusty old 14″ B&W portable TV.