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The zx-state file format
Block types

Revision history

The current version of the file format is version 1.4

Version 1.4

(Last updated: 8th December 2010)
  • ZXSTOPUS (Opus Discovery Disk Interface by Opus Supplies) (Fuse Team)
  • ZXSTOPUSDISK (Opus Discovery disk drive contents) (Fuse Team)
  • ZXSTDSKFILE Added ZXSTDSKF_SIDEB flag to determine which side of a 2-sided disk image is the active side.
  • Machine IDs Added ZXSTMID_NTSC48K and ZXSTMID_128Ke to the list of supported machines (Fuse Team/Andrew Owen).
  • Added ZXSTMF_ALTERNATETIMINGS to the snapshot header to specify normal or alternate machine timings.
  • MEMPTR has been added to ZXSTZ80REGS.

Version 1.3

With thanks to the Fuse team for supplying the blocks for the Timex machines, the Pentagon 512 and 1024 machines, ZXCF, ZXATASP and Simple 8-bit IDE interfaces.

Version 1.2

Added the following blocks for new hardware supported in Spectaculator 6.0 and Fuse 0.6.x:

Version 1.1

First public release of the specification. Includes includes additional and updated blocks developed for the release of Spectaculator 5.1.

NOTE: New software is only required to support version 1.1 upwards. Spectaculator will continue to be compatible with older versions.

  • Added the ZXSTCREATOR block. This allows the source of zx-state files can be determined.
  • Added the chKeyboardJoystick member to the ZXSTKEYBOARD block. This has increased the size of the block by 1 byte over version 1.0.
  • Added the ZXSTJOYSTICK block.
  • Added the following members to the ZXSTZ80REGS block:
    • chFlags
    • chBitReg
    • chReserved

    NOTE: There were three reserved BYTEs occupying this space in version 1.0.

  • Added chFe to the ZXSTSPECREGS block. This replaces an existing reserved member.

Version 1.0

First version of the file format created for version 2.5 of Spectaculator.

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