Spectaculator 3.0 beta 1 available

Due to personal reasons, it looks like I won’t have time to work on Spectaculator for a while.

What I’d though I’d do is release the latest build of v3.0 as beta until I get time to finish it.

It’s stable and complete-ish (apart from the online help) but doesn’t have
all the features I originally wanted to include.

Here’s quick summary of the changes:

  • Emulation of 16k/128/+2 Spectrums in addition to 48k
  • Cheetah SpecDrum emulation
  • Currah µSpeech emulation
  • Fuller Box emulation (Invasion of the Body Snatchas)
  • The Spectrum 128’s AY sound chip is also available when emulating the 48k spectrum
  • Customisable Z80 CPU speed from 3.5MHz to 100MHz
  • Mono/Stereo ABC/Stereo ACB sound from the Fuller Box/Spectrum 128’s AY chip
  • Multiface 128 in addition to Multiface 1
  • When autoload is enabled, if you hold down the control key when
    opening an audio cassette file, the Spectrum autoloads in usr0 mode –
    useful for some demos

Any feedback or suggestions can be sent here.