Spectaculator 8.0


Windows 10+

Spectaculator is available for PCs running Microsoft® Windows® 10 and above. Earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported.

Spectaculator is distributed as fully-enabled, 30-day Try ‘n’ Buy software. This means that you can use it free of charge for a period of 30 days from the date of installation. After this time you must purchase a copy to continue to use it.

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Spectaculator (iOS)

Spectaculator 6.1


iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

A complete ZX Spectrum for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Contains Sinclair BASIC and 22 great games from the 1980s, many of them Crash Smashes (including Dynamite Dan, Monty On The Run, 3D Starstrike)! More games are available from the in-app shop.
Available on the App Store
Spectaculator (Android)

Spectaculator 2.1



A complete ZX Spectrum for your Android phone or tablet. Free with Sinclair BASIC and Stephen Crow Anthology (Starquake, Wizard’s Lair, Firelord, Factory Breakout, Laser Snaker) More games are available from the in-app shop, along with the ability to add your own.
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