Spectaculator 1.0 for iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad® released!

Spectaculator is now available for iPhone®, iPod Touch® & iPad®!

This is a version of Spectaculator specifically written for Apple’s iOS platform.

It features the same high quality emulation as the Windows’ version resulting in games
running, looking and sounding just like they do on a real ZX Spectrum.

3D Starstrike

Experience classic ZX Spectrum games on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad such as

  • 3D Starstrike by Realtime Games Software
  • Tau Ceti by CRL/Pete Cooke
  • Dynamite Dan by Rod Bowkett
  • On The Run by Design Design
  • Albatrossity by Jonathan Cauldwell
  • The Fantastic Mister Fruity by Jonathan Cauldwell
  • Battery’s Not Precluded by Jonathan Cauldwell


  • Play in portrait or landscape orientations
  • Save your game progress (four saved game slots per game)
  • Enter pokes (cheats) for infinite lives, shields etc.
  • Lookup game hints, tips and maps
  • Type on a virtual ZX Spectrum keyboard
  • Choose authentic cassette loading or fast play
  • Program in Sinclair BASIC
  • Enjoy high resolution graphics on Retina screens

More details can be found over at the App Store℠.

Tau Ceti

Spectaculator for iOS in action