Spectaculator 3.0 for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® released!

Version 3.0 is now available from the App Store.

User Interface Changes

A lot of work has been done on the user interface for this version. With previous versions, it was annoying to have to rotate your device to portrait to use the menus, view help, enter pokes etc. Spectaculator nows runs completely in any orientation.

iCade and iControlPad Enhancements

Previous versions had a single ‘Arcade Controls’ option hidden away in the Settings App. All of the options have now been moved into Spectaculator itself and ‘Arcade Controls’ split into separate ‘iCade’ and ‘iControlPad’ options. This allows for optimum physical layouts for both controllers.

More Games!

The following additional games are available as in-app purchases, courtesy of Realtime Games Software and Design Design:

  • Carrier Command (see Wikipedia for more information)
  • Halls Of The Things[1]
  • Dark Star[1]
  • Forbidden Planet[1]
  • 2112AD
  • N.E.X.O.R

As a bonus, Halls Of The Things, Dark Star and Forbidden Planet have been reworked by one the games’ original author, Simon Brattel, to play better on touch screens!

[1] Demos of these games are now included with Spectaculator itself.

Other Changes

  • Touch screen controls are now hidden when using an iCade or iControlPad.
  • Fixed various issues when using a Bluetooth keyboard to play adventure games. Apple still do not provide a public API to allow the use of a Bluetooth keyboard to play arcade games.
  • Additional free Game Packs containing recent Indie Games:
    • Egghead in Space by Jonathan Cauldwell
    • Genesis: Dawn of a New Day by Retroworks
    • Dingo by Tardis Remakes
    • Tiles by DJR
    • Banger Management by Jonathan Cauldwell
    • Stamp Quest by StoneChat Productions
    • Trooper: Point 5 by The Bog Brothers
  • The free version on the App Store has been updated to include BASIC and the free Indie Game Packs.

…And Finally

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jonathan Needle, December 2012.

Available on the App Store