How can I add my own games to Spectaculator for Android?

Spectaculator for Android supports adding games in .TAP/.TZX/.DSK/.SZX/.Z80/.SNA format:

  • Upgrade to the full verson if you haven’t already (tap the Shop icon in the ActionBar menu).
  • Spectaculator will then create a folder named “Spectaculator” in your external storage area. Depending on the model of Android device you have, this may be on the SD card or internal to the device.
  • Connect your device to your PC or Mac. Mac users will need to install the official Android File Transfer program. Windows users do not need any additional software.
  • Locate the “Spectaculator” folder and copy your .TAP/.TZX/.DSK/.SZX/.Z80/.SNA files into it. The files can be in a Zip archive but Spectaculator will only load the first game it finds in the archive.
  • Spectaculator does not look inside any subdirectories inside the “Spectaculator” folder – the games must be inside the “Spectaculator” folder itself.
  • Disconnect your device from your computer and start Spectaculator. The games you have just added are now available to play.