I want to use a Bluetooth keyboard but can’t change the game controls

The built-in and purchased games are enhanced versions which them easier to play (especially for new users that may not be familiar with the ZX Spectrum).

Normally the user is responsible for selecting the correct controls (Keyboard, Kempston, Interface II etc.) and pressing various keys to start the game (which vary from game to game).

Spectaculator automates all of this via a process known as Autoconfig: The correct controls are automatically selected and locked so the user doesn’t accidentally change them. Pressing the red button (or button A on a gamepad) starts the game.

However, if you want to use a Bluetooth keyboard, locking the controls restricts which keys can be used to play the game. There are a fixed set of keys that map directly to the on-screen controls:

Key(s) Control mapped to
Cursor keys D-pad (left, right, up, down)
Tab Red button (A)
F1 Green button (B)
F2 Blue button (X)
F3 Yellow button (Y)

From version 2.1, the Autoconfig feature can be disabled:

This disables all enhancements to the built-in and purchased games – the game is loaded in its original, unmodified form.

Do not disable this feature unless you need it for the reasons outlined in this document. Doing so generally makes all built-in and purchased games unplayable using the touch controls and gamepads.