Spectaculator 1.0 is now available!


  • Play full screen complete with TV-style picture on your monitor
  • User adjustable border sizes when playing in a window
  • High fidelity 48K Spectrum sound
  • Choose Kempston Joystick and use your PC game pad to play
  • Cursor Joystick emulation in the form of the PC’s arrow keys + tab for fire
  • Full online help system
  • Intuitive user interface – designed for users of all abilities
  • Uses the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Installer service for a robust, reliable installation

Technical details

  • Accurate Z80 emulation core – passes regression tests against a real Z80
  • Load and save the most common snapshot formats: .Z80 and .SNA
  • Unique self-tuning display with TV screen effect. Spectaculator will automatically reduce the frame rate to keep the emulation speed running at 100% regardless of the window size
  • Tested against ALL 32-bit Windows operating systems, from 95 through to XP