Spectaculator 2.0 released!

Spectaculator 2.0 is now available to download. It boasts a number of improvements
to the emulation as well as support for audio cassette files (TAP and TZX):

Improved sound emulation
Spectaculator has a completely new sound emulation driver that significantly improves the playback quality of multi-channel music in games such as Fairlight and Arkanoid:

Fairlight Arkanoid
Spectaculator 1.0 Play Play
Spectaculator 2.0 Play Play

Support for virtual audio cassettes (TAP and TZX files)

  • Both TAP and TZX files can be fast loaded in a few seconds or less
  • Save your game progress or other programs and data to a TAP or TZX file
  • Listen to the infamous loading noise when loading from these types of file
  • Use the virtual cassette recorder for complete control when loading multi-load programs

Virtual cassette recorder
Spectaculator’s virtual cassette recorder allows you to control all aspects of audio cassette file (TAP and TZX) playback and recording. It is particulary useful when dealing with multi-load programs as it allows you to rewind or fast forward the tape when necessary.

[Cassette Recorder]

Multicolour emulation and memory contention
Multicolour effects produced by games like Uridium and Zynaps are now emulated. Along with memory contention (which emulates the slowdown when accessing the lowest 16KB of RAM on a 48k Spectrum), the fullscreen border effects of Aquaplane and Vectron are displayed correctly.

Click the thumbnails below to see the full size images.