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Atic Atac
Atic Atac by Ultimate


  • Play full screen or in a window, complete with TV-style picture on your monitor.
  • High fidelity 48K ZX Spectrum sound. Will even play the multi-channel music on games such as Fairlight and Arkanoid correctly.
  • Choose Kempston, Cursor, Fuller, or Sinclair Interface II joysticks and use your PC game pads to play (up to two players simultaneously). Any supported joystick can be emulated through the PC keyboard’s arrow, tab and right alt keys.
  • Kempston and AMX mouse emulation.
  • Recording and playback of action replays (.rzx files)
  • Supports SNA and Z80 snapshot formats (loading and saving).
  • Support for virtual audio cassettes (TAP and TZX files):
    • Both TAP and TZX files can be fast loaded in a few seconds or less.
    • Save your game progress or other programs and data.
    • Listen to the infamous loading noise when loading from these types of file.
    • Use the virtual cassette recorder for complete control when loading multi-load programs.
  • Emulates the ZX Interface 1 and up to eight Microdrives. Even generates the sound of the Microdrive motor (with and without a cartridge inserted)
  • Emulates up to 2 disk drives (the maximum the +3 can take).
  • Automatically switches the drive emulation between a +3 3″ (CF2) drive and a standard 3″ DSDD drive depending on the type of disk image inserted.
  • Accurate emulation to load all those disks with copy protection schemes such as Speedlock +3, Alkatraz +3, Three Inch Loader, Hexagon etc.
  • Fast disk access mode. Significantly reduces load and save times.
  • Spectrum to automatically reset and start loading from the disk. Hold down Shift to override.

  • Disk drives window for easy management of disk images. Disk images can be write protected, formatted, ejected and inserted.
  • ZX Printer emulation. Output can be saved to disk, copied to the clipboard or sent to a real printer.
  • Load programs from audio samples of ZX Spectrum cassettes.
  • Turns your emulated Spectrum into a drum machine by emulating the Cheetah SpecDrum hardware.
  • Support for the Currah Speech allophone speech synthesizer.
  • Enhanced sound for the 48K Spectrum through emulation of the Fuller Box sound system.
  • Load your own programs and data from external audio sources such as Minidisc or a real cassette recorder.
  • Cycle-accurate display renderer to emulate the colour effects produced by games such as Zynaps, Uridium and demos such as MDA, NMI3, Shock Megademo and Hercules.
  • Enter pokes from The Tipshop to cheat – just like the old days!
  • Supports cheat (.pok) files created by the Spectrum Games Database.
  • Programs can be loaded directly from zip files without first having to extract them.
  • Emulates the Multiface 1, Multiface 128 and Multiface 3 (includes ROM code licensed from Romantic Robot).
  • Full online help system.
  • Intuitive user interface – designed for users of all abilities.
  • Uses the Microsoft® Windows® Installer service for a robust, reliable installation.